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They’re Back!

The first sure signs of spring include river run off that amplifies the wonderful Fall River lullaby, the return of migrating birds and a general warming and waking of plant and animal life. After a couple of weeks with somewhat limited sightings, we are delighted to once again welcome our wildlife visitors.


If you look up, you may get to marvel at the amazing sight of a Bald Headed Eagle soaring across the morning sky.  Frequently seen standing way up on top of the mountain ridges around Boulder Brook, seemingly looking out on eternity, the Big Horns are majestic even in their somewhat worn winter fur.  Groups of Ewes and babes forage on Fall River Road and frequently cross back and forth between the Nature Conservancy and Boulder Brook –They like the wonderful road salt and are often seen licking in the middle of the road or, after feeding,  napping on the steep slope of our neighbors’ hill.


The Bull Elk, down from on high, and looking bit raggedy in their molting winter fur and various stages of antler dropping, are cruising around town enjoying the freshly sprouted grasses and jostling one another as they socialize and play in the spring sunshine.  The Cows are on the move and can often be seen around Estes Lake and the area surrounding the Events Complex.  You may even get to enjoy ‘Elks on Parade’ as the Matriarchs guide their charges back and forth across Big Thompson Road around the Visitor Center.


The owls are mating and hooting. The Magpies and Jays are squawking.  The blue birds are amazing. The Mule deer, generally very shy, are quite active in small groups and are often seen in the most unexpected places in and around town. Remember – they don’t obey traffic signals!


And last but not least, our resident squirrels are running, leaping, jumping, and hopping as they frolic, dig up last year’s cone stash and picnic in the early spring sunshine.


Mother Nature calls to all – It’s Spring! Come out and play! The sky is blue, the air is cool and fresh, the fish are swimming in the river, and the sun is warm and gracious.  After your hike or climb or ride, relax on your riverside deck and enjoy the lullaby of Fall River. Nature calls. Your home away from home awaits your arrival. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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