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Springtime in the Rockies – Bears are waking up and they’re hungry!

From the Front Range to the Western Slope, our cherished Black Bears are waking from their winter hibernation.  Left to their own devices, bears will naturally gravitate to the areas with the best food. They can smell a promising food source from miles away. It is up to us as friends of nature to ensure that the best food is not leftover pizza or pizza boxes, pet food, bird food, food wrappers, deli, grill or kitchen scraps.


Working with nature takes just a little extra effort. Remember:


  • Thoroughly clean picnic areas – leave no scent, leave no trace.
  • Never intentionally feed bears or other wildlife. It is illegal and potentially dangerous for both you and the animals.
  • When camping, be sure to hang food high in trees and/or lock down food and trash in vehicles.
  • Diligently use Bear Safe dumpsters.


We welcome and appreciate ALL of our visitors – two and four-legged alike. It is up to us to be respectful of nature and to remember we are nature’s caretakers and guardians. Love the outdoors and all life in it — Be safe. Be conscientious. Be Bear Aware.


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