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Flowers for Dessert

BB JUN29 010This handsome Bull is one of our regular visitors. We noticed he has a taste for flowers as he wandered into the flower bed under our sign and efficiently bit the heads off almost all of the newly planted marigolds.
He then went on to eat the wild roses from the bush in front of the office window and finished off with piles of flowering clover.


Guests enjoyed his company for several hours as he ate his way around the property where the last of the early spring flowers and young Aspen shoots growing on the riverbank proved irresistible.

BB JUN29 013
 BB JUN29 006Surprisingly, there are several varieties of edible flowers (including marigolds) that add both bright colors and fresh, surprising flavors to a cool summer salad which may be enjoyed riverside, right here at your home away from home.

For a close up of this Beautiful Boy or any of the other wild visitors who frequent our Aspen grove, check out our Last Minute and One Night availabilities. We look forward to welcoming you!


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