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Daylight Savings – Slow Down!

Elk viewing is by far one of the most engaging and fascinating activities to enjoy especially in the colder months when the local herd spends more time “down-valley” and downtown.


Elk, like much of our local wildlife, feed, forage, and meander all day but are generally most active at dawn and dusk.  As dusk arrives earlier in the winter months, motorists and visitors are advised to be alert and cautious – Elk have no boundaries and wander freely – often close to, beside, across or in the road especially in slick weather, where footing is sturdy.


Visitors downtown may also enjoy “Elks on Parade” the almost daily crossing of the herd from the Visitor Center/Estes Lake area to the surrounding grazing and napping areas.


Elk are like shadows at dusk and can often appear to come out of nowhere.  To prevent incidents and/or collisions between autos and elk, visitors are encouraged to Slow Down! relax the foot on the gas pedal and engage the senses to improve driver reaction time and viewing pleasure.


For the best possible experience with the least possible disturbance, remember to Slow Down! Stay Alert and Look Ahead and Around your vehicle. Watch for the reflections of headlights in shining eyes and on Wapiti (white rumps!). Obey traffic signs and exercise extra caution in  active wildlife areas.


Drivers involved in a wildlife/vehicle collision should immediately report the accident to Colorado State Patrol by balling *CSP (Star* key and 227).  For more information on wildlife and traffic safety please visit www.

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