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Creepy and Wonderful

The annual celebration of horror, The Stanley Film Festival (SFF), runs from April 30 to May 4, and features a total of 54 films at 3 locations, 3 panels, and several additional creepy activities including an interactive horror game, spine-tingling radio plays, and “something to do with Zombies.”


Take a peek into a few of this year’s features:


Sun Choke: a recovering psychotic; a bizarre holistic wellness routine, a nanny enforcer, and an obsession that threatens sanity;


Some Kind of Hate: a troubled teen subjected to severe bullying conjures a vengeful, violent ghost on a mission of retribution;


Good Night Mommy: after extensive reconstructive facial surgery, two children are unsure about the identity of the woman behind the bandages. Is it mom?


Over Your Dead Body: vicious spirits awakened by a theater production company horrify unsuspecting actors in this re-imagined, Japanese ghost story.


When Animals Dream: a remote seaside town in northern Denmark, a young independent woman, and a blossoming heritage of werewolves;


Deathgasm: a couple of metalheads start a band and release an ancient evil in this energetic, action-comedy;


Stung: an overdose of toxic fertilizer accidentally breeds a mutated pack of giant, blood-thirsty wasps.


After all the spine-tingling horror, camp, monsters, hauntings, and general creepiness, soothe jangled nerves and enervated brain cells with long hot soak in your spa tub…yes, we understand you will be sleeping with all the lights on.

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