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Bighorn Sheep Are Shy!

Rocky Mountain National Park provides protection for all wildlife.  Bighorn sheep are nervous, shy and very sensitive to human disturbance.  Please help to protect them!  
Spring brings many opportunities for casual wildlife watching.   Here are a few simple rules for viewing:



SLOW DOWN! Drive slowly and cautiously on Highway 34 including all of Fall River Road and along the north side of Horseshoe Park.

 DD Sheep May 16 003
 DD Sheep May 16 004KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Do not enter any “Bighorn Crossing Zone” by vehicle or on foot when sheep are present.  Allow all sheep ample space to cross the road. NEVER drive your car into the herd!! 
PULL OVER! Use road shoulders and stick to roadsides when sheep are present anywhere in the immediate vicinity.  NEVER STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!  Whether Sheep are resting and digesting on a sunny Fall River Road hillside or busily grazing in a front yard or in the meadow of Sheep Lakes, Sheep are shy, nervous, and excitable. DO NOT APPROACH or attempt to touch or feed. Use the Zoom feature or zoom lens on your camera.

A beautiful Ram resting on the hillside across from our office.

A beautiful Ram surveys his herd and eyes human spectators from the hillside across the street from our office.

BE QUIET! Do not approach sheep or make loud noises in their presence. Keep dogs quiet, leashed and under control. Do not allow them to bark at or chase wildlife!

Drive, View and Hike in Safety. Like Elk and Deer and all our beloved wildlife, Sheep have no boundaries.  OBEY all signs, detours, and closures. Sheep health, longevity, and survival depend upon our caring and responsible stewardship.  For more information about Big Horn Sheep and all the wonderful wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding areas please visit


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