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Backyard Wildlife Watching

8:55am: Pressed into the fresh snow, the hoof-tracks lead from Fall River Road around the drive and down onto the property. 10:00am: One of our guests stops by the office to thank us for sending the Elk to keep them company for breakfast.  I put in a special order just for you! So glad you enjoyed their company!


At this time of year, Wildlife graces town and local roadways with their presence, often in the most unexpected ways.


6:45am: Eight Elk Cows are browsing the little park and riverbank on the west end of the Riverwalk.  My dog and I are spotted. One of the cows makes eye contact with me. Good Morning Girls! We’re just going to walk around you.  There seems to be an acknowledgment – I see or imagine a look of understanding and she and the others go back to their breakfast.


4:oopm:  One gorgeous Ram with a large, thick spiral of antler leads his harem from Fall River Road up the hill across the street from our office. They graze by digging up the snow and stop traffic for a couple of hours. Big horn sheep are amazing to see close up–their legs and hooves appear incredibly delicate but they are swift, agile, and very strong. The group heralds a dozen females, a couple of young bucks (who head-butt for fun and produce a unique percussive sound) and one really amazing, gawky-legged brown baby whose grace on four legs most two-legged creatures would envy.


Here at Boulder Brook we enjoy many wonderful visitors – some, like the owls, fox, and occasional small group of coyote only come at night. Some, like the Bobcat, just leave tracks. And some, like the Elk, stay for breakfast.  It is pretty awesome that viewing wildlife in their natural habitat can be as easy as looking out the window or, if the timing is right, wrapping up and admiring them from your deck.


There’s lots of snow. The roads are clear and the Park is open. Come on by and set a spell. We’ll put in a special order for you.  No promises, but we’ll do our best!