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Take a Tour with RMNA!

The person behind the wheel never gets to really see the scenery so instead of driving, take a Safari – by bus. Rocky Mountain Nature Association offers two great options – The Grand Lake Safari (an all day adventure on Tuesdays through September 3rd)  and Journey to the Top! (a most-of-the day adventure on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays through September 6th)


The Grand Lake Safari tours all of the high points (pun intended) along the road from the Fall River Visitor Center (just two miles from Boulder Brook and accessible by free shuttle) to Grand Lake and back and includes Many Parks Curve, Rainbow Curve, Alpine Visitor Center, Milner Pass (Continental Divide) Lunch and a stroll at Coyote Valley Trail head, Grand Lake, Holzarth Historic Site, Rock Cut, and Forest Canyon Overlook.


Journey to the Top! Travels from the Fall River Visitor Center to Sheep Lakes, the Alluvial Fan, Hidden Valley, Many park Curve and Rainbow Curve to the Alpine Visitor Center for lunch and cruises back through Medicine Bow Curve, Milner Pass, Rock Cut and Forest Canyon Overlook.


With many views, photo ops, and time allotted for short strolls, enthusiasts enjoy an educational adventure in history, flora, fauna and geology in comfort. Lunch and Park admission are included in the Registration fee.


Take a break from driving and enjoy RMNP in relaxed comfort.


For a complete schedule and to purchase tickets please visit