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Respect Mother Nature with Our Baby Wildlife

Spring is here!  With it comes the arrival of newborn wildlife.  You might spot baby birds or elk in yards, along trails, or in open spaces.  These babies are a beautiful and tempting photographic subject, but they are wild creatures and it’s our responsibility not to disturb new elk families by getting too close.  If you do find young wildlife, enjoy a quick glimpse, leave the animal where it is, and keep pets out of the area.  Use the zoom and stay a safe distance.  Both cows and calves will be grateful.


Female elk, called cows, are very protective and can become defensive of their young.  It’s recommended that you stay at least 25-50 yards away from protective mother elk so they don’t charge you, potentially knocking you down and injuring you or your family members.  You may notice warning signs and barriers on many trails.  They are there for everyone’s safety and protection.   For more information on living with wildlife, visit