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Horse Happy Hunter Jumper Festival

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Equine Productions, Inc. six-week equine extravaganza to the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park beginning with the Copper Penny and Half Penny Festivals on July 17th. Festival 1 runs from July 24 to July 28; Festival II from July 31 to Aug 4; and Festival III from August 5 to August 9. Visitors are invited to meet and greet both horses and companions. Festival shows are free and everyone is welcome.


Each week features a $25,000 Grand Prix and various Hunter and Jumper Classics for Juniors, Amateurs, and Professionals along with an Exhibitors Party and Beerfest in Week I and live entertainment in Weeks II and III. In addition to the Grand Prix prizes, equestrians will compete for two $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derbys, one  $2500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, and one $1000 Estes Park Derby prize. Hunter Jumper Horse Shows represent the hunter jumper disciplines while promoting the welfare of the horse and fairness in competition.


What’s the dif?


In the tradition of classic fox-hunting, Hunters represent Thoroughbred or part Thoroughbred mounts competing on fields of natural looking fences and obstacles. As a group, show Hunters are judged on manners, way of going, and confirmation.  Turnout and presentation of horse and rider are often also considered.  Hunter courses include smother lines, fewer combinations and wider turns, representing the fox-hunting tradition and cadence in large fields. Hunter fences top out at 4-feet-6-inches with a grace and elegance not required in show jumping.


Jumpers are judged by how quickly a horse can complete a complex course of jumps with the fewest faults or errors. Jumpers can be any breed and any size and are judged solely on their speed, strength, and ability to jump as cleanly as possible. Show jumping courses include combination fences, sharp turns and several changes of direction, all requiring great strength, stamina, agility, and athleticism.  Jumper fences can reach up to 5-feet-3-inches in Grand Prix jumping and are often brightly colored and sometimes deliberately designed to look ‘scary.’ Jumper courses usually include an open water obstacle an may also have varied terrain with fences on the top or bottom of a bank or built over a ditch.



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