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Friendly Reminder – RMNP Fire Restrictions Now Include Smoking

Remember Smoky the Bear?  Only you can prevent forest fires.  Indeed, it’s that time of year known as ‘fire season’ when everyone in and around Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest are advised to be extra cautious, vigilant, and extremely prudent when it comes to the use of fire or flammable materials.


On June 28th, year-round fire restrictions are augmented by the smoking restriction:  Smoking in RMNP is now prohibited except in an enclosed vehicle or building; a developed site such as a campground or picnic area, or in an area 3 feet in diameter that is perfectly cleared of all flammable materials.  Remember – all it takes is one spark. Regardless of where you are in Colorado, please be extra-careful and responsible with smoking materials – fully extinguish anything that has been or is burning or hot in a thorough and safe manner.


For a fully detailed guideline of fire restrictions and regulations in and around RMNP, please visit