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Do you love Beer?

Check out the 2nd Annual Fall Back Beer Festival – A symphony of deliciousness for beer lovers and home brewers, featuring 100 different beers from over 30 Colorado breweries poured by their makers, and, in honor of Learn to Homebrew Day, a number of AHA sanctioned homebrewing clubs will be present pouring and demonstrating their brewing techniques and equipment.  See featured breweries here:!breweries/c1nei Colorado craft soda breweries will pouring samples for guests of all ages, while Coffee on the Rocks and Dragon Leaf Tea Company introduce their special brews.


Free seminars include Glass Selection and Pouring; a 5 Senses Class and Tasting, and a certified cicerone, will be hosting several seminars throughout the day to teach how to pair food and beer for the ultimate in culinary enjoyment!. Visit Beer for Boobs, Corvus Coffee Roasters (Yes! Beer & Coffee in one glass!) and Craft Brew Clothing and others to explore and learn about every aspect homebrewing!


Shake your booty to live music with the popular Colorado bluegrass band, The Railsplitters, and Denver’s own premier Rockabilly Band, The Atomic Drifters.


Extend the festivities into the evening at Dinner With The Brewers. Several local restaurants will serve delightful food professionally paired with beer flights. Everyone will have a chance to eat, drink, laugh, and learn what kinds of beer bring out the best in your food.


A FREE shuttle will run back and forth to the Estes Park Events Center & Pavilion from downtown Estes Park throughout the day!




General Admission includes entertainment, commemorative tasting mug and unlimited tastings from 1p – 5p  Advance purchase: 30.00  At the Door: $35.00

VIP includes entertainment, commemorative tasting mug, event t-shirt, complimentary pretzel necklace, and first taste entry with unlimited tastings from 12p – 5p  Advance purchase: $50.00  At the Door: $65.00

Designated Driver Age 16+ non-drinking tickets $10 online or at the gate.  Free event for children under 16.

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Beautiful Music

Each Sunday afternoon from October 2014 through April 2015, The Estes Park Winter Music Festival provides a wonderful variety of musicians and beautiful music in an informal setting. Enjoy chorale, classic chamber, bluegrass, Celtic, Latin and more!


Music Festival attendees receive a 20% discount for brunch or dinner at the Stanley’s Cascade Restaurant on the day of the concert.


All concerts begin at 2p, unless otherwise stated in advance of the performance. Tickets for upcoming concerts in October and November are already on sale.  Single tickets are $10.00 each; children and students are admitted at no charge. 


More info: Full Concert Calendar

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Corpse Bride or Zombie?

Halloween in Estes Park is true family fun at its very best. EVERYONE is encouraged to dress up, trick-or-treat, get out, and play!


From 5p-9p Downtown will be auto-free and pedestrian safe as everyone is welcomed with treats, tricks and some special surprises. Remember, it’s getting dark earlier so bring a flashlight and augment your costume with anything that glows in the dark!


Before you set out, put on your best face! Let the experts at Riverspointe Spa apply your Halloween makeup. Available from 10a-6p $1/minute 121 Wiest Drive. Ph: 970-577-6841


After trick-or-treat, enjoy one or more of several costume and/or dance parties:


Lonigans DJ Dance & Costume Bash starts at 8p (110 W. Elkhorn Ave, Downtown)


Cheezy Lee’s Monster Mash at the haunted Elkhorn Lodge (600 W Elkhorn Ave) hosts Live DJ Dance Party and Costume Contest with a Cash Bar, Food, and/or Hayride. Doors open at 7:30p. Tickets: Adults $13 HS Students $7  Advance Tickets: Macdonald Book Shop 152 E Elkhorn Ave, Downtown


Tha BooGrass Halloween Costume Party at the Rock Inn starts at 9p with live music from Chain Station. Frightful fun, great food, dancing, contest and prizes.  1675 Highway 66


Attend the ultimate adults only “Masquerade” Ball –Where you can be anyone you want; dress up or down; entertain your alter ego, and enjoy the atmosphere of a famous, haunted hotel. MacGregor Ballroom at the Stanley $199 per couple or $110 per single – including tax and tip.

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Have you ever seen Elk play?

Did you know they are great swimmers?


One sunny afternoon at Mary’s Lake I watched a small harem of about a dozen females and their dozen or so offspring run like excited kids down the side of the hill straight into the lake. The cows guided their young ones with calls and pokes of nose and were only a little more sedate than the young ones who chased, frolicked, ran and swam in the beautiful, cool water.


Behind the last cow came a sleek and massive Bull – his smooth, copper hide almost glowing in the early afternoon sunshine. Unlike the gamboling youngsters, the Bull took the trail and entry into the lake at a stately pace, cooling first his legs and belly and drinking deeply, before plunging in for cooling dip.


While the Bull enjoyed his bath and the Matriarch watched from a short distance, the “children” played. A couple of adolescents poked, chased and teased one another – “Tag! You’re it!”  One of the littlest ventured out, swam for a bit and having noticed “mom” had stepped out of the water, ran, like an excited little kid to her side (Mom! I did it! I swam!) and received an obvious kiss and lick of apparent care and affection.


One of the larger adolescents, having trotted in and out of the water several times with the group, broke off from her sisters, raced into the water and splashed about behind “big daddy” – running closer, splashing, turning, kicking up a bit of spray, running out, and turning to do it all over again. The Bull remained sedate though it appeared he noticed and may have even been amused by her antics. I certainly was.



Enjoy our wonderful Elk and golden autumn in Rocky at this year’s Elk Fest – a free, fun and educational outdoor family friendly event.  Held on October 4 and 5, Elk Fest features bugling competitions, learning opportunities, live music, a Mountain Man Rendezvous, Native American storytelling and music, a display of raptors, a kids’ corral, a variety of vendors offering memorable souvenirs and plenty of good food. The “Wallowing Hole” beer garden serves daily from 11am – 4pm. The popular bluegrass band, Giddy Up Kitty, will be taking the stage on Saturday from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.


Rocky Mountain Conservancy will be on site for easy booking of your Elk Expedition. Thrill to spectacular displays of herding, bugling, posturing, playing, mating behaviors,  Elk Q&A and “Show-and-Tell” in the comfort of a mini-bus staffed by a professional educational guide.


Elk Expedition Tours are available each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening between September 11 and October 18 (View dates and times at: )  Fee: $40 per adult, $20 per child (12 and under).  Register: 970-586-3262 or visit


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It’s Bugling Season – View and Enjoy In Safety!

It’s pretty exciting around here.  The annual rut has begun. The Bull Elk are all antlered up, huge, sleek, powerful, and amazingly beautiful as they commence bugling and challenging one another for breeding rights.


Yes, they are awesome, amazing and beautiful. They are also wild animals in the throes of breeding season which makes Bulls especially vigilant, irritable, jumpy, and understandably “pumped-up” as there is very important work to be done, and the rut is energetically extremely demanding.


Avoid potential accident, injury or death by always viewing from a safe distance.  If an animal is carefully watching you and appears “jumpy” or “twitchy” you are way too close.  Avoid eye contact and back away. Use the zoom instead.


Keep dogs leashed and quiet. Do not allow them to bark, lunge at or chase wildlife.


Never block traffic. “Elk Jams” are a danger to everyone – blocking traffic on single lane roads creates all kinds of potentially dangerous situations.  Be sure to pull completely off the roadway, out of the way of through traffic.  Walk on the “sidewalk side” of the vehicle and remember too, not to surround or “corner” an animal while viewing.


Never, ever imitate an elk call or bugle during the rut. Not only does each elk have his/her own identifiable “voice,” different bugles actually mean different things. “Saying” the wrong thing at the wrong time could endanger both you and the herd.


Please respect private property.  Elk know no boundaries. We love that about them — especially when we can watch a big, beautiful bull bugling and herding his cows through the middle of town or through the neighborhood or if you are here at Boulder Brook, up from the river and across our front lawn.


Remember – Elk are wild animals. Be aware and be respectful. View quietly from a safe distance. Never attempt to touch or feed wildlife. Keep dogs leashed and quiet.  Use the zoom. And if you see someone who is being careless or unsafe, or making it unsafe for others, make the call.





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Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival

It doesn’t get any better than magnificent late summer weather and full days of music, entertainment, shopping, and spectator events. Here’s the schedule:


Opening Event: Thursday, September 4th 7:30p – Tattoo Estes – Fairgrounds at Stanley Park

An extravagant show of Bagpipes, drummers, dancers, clans in tartan, Dogs of the British Isles, brass military bands and precision drill teams give a preview of what can be seen on the festival field.



Daily Festival Hours, Events, Entertainment & Shopping 9a – 5p Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 5, 6, 7



Friday 9a – 5p Music Seamus Kennedy, Ed Miller, Highland Way, Celtica, Tartan Terrors, The Elders, CAL Michael Callaghan, The Fountain City Brass Band, The 1st Battalion Scots Guards Pipes & Drums, The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, Band of America’s Few, Bag Pipe Competition.


Friday, 9:30a -5p US/International Jousting Championships Games, Light Armor & Heavy Armor

Friday 10a – 4: Scottish Athletics on the Festival Field
Strong Man Competition. Hammer throws,
putting the stone, and caber throwing contest (competitors toss a 19’7″ /140 lb. caber end over end!)


Friday, 11a – 4p Dogs Of the British Isles Dog Agility & Herding, Terrier Races & Canine Exhibit Booths


Friday, 7:30p Tattoo Estes Fairgrounds at Stanley Park:  An extravagant show of patriotism and celebration of international cooperation

Friday, 7:30p Folk Estes Celtic Concert
at the Events Complex at Estes Park Fairgrounds featuring Highland Way, Seamus Kennedy, Ed Miller, and Cal


Saturday, September 6th


Saturday 9:30a Highlander 5K (4mile) Run through the start of the Parade! Pre-registration required.


Saturday, 9:30a Downtown Parade Everyone loves a parade! Note: Elkhorn Ave will be closed from 8:30a through parade end and free shuttle services will be limited.


Saturday 9a-5p Music Seamus Kennedy, Ed Miller, Highland Way, Celtica, Tartan Terrors, The Elders, CAL Michael Callaghan, The Fountain City Brass Band, The 1st Battalion Scots Guards Pipes & Drums, The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, Band of America’s Few, Bag Pipe Competition.

Saturday 10a-4p Scottish Athletics on the Festival Field
Amateur Championships & Heavy Athletic Professional Championships. Hammer throws, putting the stone, and caber throwing contest (competitors toss a 19’7″ /140 lb. caber end over end!)


Saturday 9:30a-5p US/ International Jousting Championships Games, Light Armor & Heavy Armor


Saturday 11a-5p Dogs of the British Isles View the dogs in the main parade in Downtown Estes Park, 9am; 1 pm Grand March of the Dogs; 11am- 5pm, Dog Agility & Herding, Terrier Races & Dog Exhibit Booths


Saturday 1p Highlands Golf Tournament Team golf tournament at the 18 Hole Golf Course. Pre-registration required. 


Saturday 9a Highland Dance Performances & Competitions (Morris, Welch, Scottish, Irish)


Saturday 7:30p Tattoo Estes on the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park:  An extravagant show of patriotism and celebration of international cooperation


Saturday 7:30p Rock Estes Celtic Concert at the Events Complex at Stanley Fairgrounds featuring Tartan Terrors, Celtica, and The Elders


Sunday, September 7th


Sunday 9a-5p Music Seamus Kennedy, Ed Miller, Highland Way, Celtica, Tartan Terrors, The Elders, CAL Michael Callaghan, The Fountain City Brass Band, The 1st Battalion Scots Guards Pipes & Drums, The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, Band of America’s Few, Bag Pipe Competition.


Sunday 10a-4p Scottish Athletics on the Festival field Amateur Championships Competition. Hammer throws, putting the stone, and caber throwing contest (competitors toss a 19’7″ /140 lb. caber end over end!)


Sunday 9:30a-5p US/ International Jousting Championships Games, Light Armor & Heavy Armor


Sunday 9a-5p Dogs Of the British Isles  Grand March of the Dogs 1p. Dog Agility & Herding, Terrier Races & Disc Dogs 9:30a-5p


Sunday 9a Highland Dance Performances & Competitions (Morris, Welch, Scottish, Irish)



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Become a Junior Ranger or just get to know one!

RMNP Rangers are a wealth of engaging and helpful information. Whether you want to track animals, identify flora, learn about wildlife, geology, or trees, or just find your way through the Park, the Rangers are amazing resources and they’re ready willing and able to share their knowledge and experience with you!  Introduce yourself to a Ranger and ask away!


Become a Junior Ranger and Earn a Badge

Junior Rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park have fun discovering the natural world, while learning about why we need to protect the special treasures found in our National Parks. We need the help of all our rangers to keep Rocky preserved and protected for many more years to come. Pick up a free Junior Ranger activity booklet at any visitor contact station, learn about the park and become a ranger by earning your badge today!


Junior Ranger Headquarters is a Place Just for Kids!

The Junior Ranger Headquarters, located at Moraine Park Discovery Center along Bear Lake Road, is a place just for kids! Join a ranger-led program, complete your Junior Ranger book, and earn a badge all in one place. The Junior Ranger Headquarters is open from June 21 – August 17, in the summer of 2014. Programs are offered 4 times a day, 6 days a week, and times are 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:30 PM, & 2:30 PM. Programs last 30 minutes and are geared for kids ages 6-12. The Discovery Center is open daily from 9am -4:30pm.  It is free to participate, and a parent or adult must be present with children at all times.


Tuesday at Junior Ranger Headquarters is Discovery Day! This is a family-friendly walk-in program that goes from 9:00 AM -1:00 PM. Each week there is something new to discover.


For more information on becoming a Junior Ranger please visit


Free Ranger Led Programs


Every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm: Skins and Skulls Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Pet an Elk or Mountain Lion.  Cuddle up to a bear or Beaver.  Check out those fangs!  Come to Beaver Meadows Visitor Center to safely feel skins and skulls while learning about park wildlife. 20-30 minutes.


Every Saturday 7pm:  Beaver Meadows Evening Programs feature a wide variety of informative and entertaining topics.  Meet in the downstairs auditorium at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.


Daily:  See the stunning 23-minute park movie at the Beaver Meadows visitor center during normal business hours. This movie features spectacular aerial footage of the park’s rugged high country, as well as wildlife and other park resources. Available upon request. Available en español and English.


Visitor and Information Centers in RMNP


Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Open daily 8a – 4:30p Park information, free park movie, bookstore and park information.


Fall River Visitor Center Open daily 9a – 5p features life-sized wildlife displays, a discovery room where kids can touch objects and dress up as rangers, American Indians, and pioneers; and a book store.


Alpine Visitor Center – open daily (weather permitting) 10:30a-4:30p. Features extraordinary views of alpine tundra, displays, information, bookstore, adjacent gift shop and snack bar. Call 586-1222 for Trail Ridge Road conditions.


Sheep Lakes Information Station – open daily 9a -4:30p features information and ranger programs. Horseshoe Park is a good place to look for elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes and badgers.


Park Information: (970) 586-1206


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Come Visit Boulder Brook

Nestled next to the rambling waters of Fall River, Boulder Brook is ideally located to take advantage of the unique shopping of downtown Estes Park or the rugged splendor of the Rocky Mountain National more