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April 25th is Earth Day

Join park staff and community partners at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center to celebrate Earth Day and National Junior Ranger Day with special booths, arts and crafts activities, ranger programs, and greenhouse tours. Learn more about how to take care of our national parks and our planet. Ask for the special Earth Day Scavenger Hunt activity sheet and/or get your Junior Ranger Badge!  Both are free!


Activity Schedule:

10a – 2p Biodiversity Olympics (Family-friendly activities to get moving)

11a – 12n Volunteer Trash Pick-up (Meet at the visitor center at 10:45, dress for the weather, equipment is provided)

10:30a Bear Necessities Program

1p Nature Walk

2p Skins and Skulls Program


Park greenhouse tours will be held from 10a to 2p.  Stop by for a tour and see young plants springing to life.  A map with directions to the greenhouse will be available at Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.

For more information about Rocky Mountain National Park, please call the park’s Information Office at (970) 586-1206 or visit



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Adventure Awaits!

Right across the street, on the hill where the Big Horn Sheep graze and nap in the shade of the pines, is a wealth of knowledge, adventure, learning and creativity that sources a panorama of unique, educational and fun adult, kid and family classes, activities, and myriad opportunities to experience Rocky Mountain National Park in fresh and exciting ways with the support of a professional naturalist, guide, or Park educator.


Everyone gets to see and experience the wonder and beauty of the Park on Educational Adventures by Bus.  Choose a half day trip to the top of Trail Ridge Road   or take the full day to enjoy the Grand Lake Safari .  Enjoy the unique light of Sunset over Never Summer Mountains from Rock Cut on the Sunset Safari  or experience the rut like never before on an Elk Expedition


Bringing the kids?  Check out the catalog of Youth & Family Classes where awesome opportunities for children of all ages to enjoy being outdoors in nature abound.  In June, kids and parents together can take a Virtual Geocache Adventure to either Hollowell Park or Upper Beaver Meadows.  Art Adventures; Photojournaling; Fly-fishing and Stream Ecology; Trailblazing; and lots of hands on learning with topics ranging from “Who Pooped in the Woods?”  to “What’s Hiding Underwater?” are offered several times throughout June and July.


Hike with a Naturalist in one of four new Adult Hiking and Skill-Building Classes.  The new series begins in August with a visit to Lawn Lake, and follows in September with hikes to Mount Ida, Loomis Lake, and Chasm Lake.


Artists, photographers, and writers from next door and from all over the world come to Rocky for inspiration and to practice their craft.  Creative immersion into drawing and painting; landscape and wildlife photography; and Plein-air painting are just a few of the creative experiences available.


Natural History Classes are available nearly every day.  Explore Owls, Raptors, Eagles, Toads, Bears, Elk, Mountain Lions, Insects, Moose, Pika, River Otters, Butterflies, Geology, Rocks and Minerals, Grasses, Mushrooms, Plants and Wildflowers, orchids, and secret places.


Visit for our Events Calendar or go to for a full catalog and to choose your adventure!


Rocky Mountain Nature Conservancy , the non-profit official partner of RMNP is allied with the National Park Service, Colorado State Parks, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Fish and Wildlife Service offers an extensive year-round catalog of adventures , classes, and interactive programs.

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Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering

The Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering is truly a magnificent celebration of Irish culture and history uniquely presented through educational and fun exhibits, films, lecturers, storytellers, vendors, special guests, dancing and music in a family friendly, mountain festival atmosphere.


Superb music throughout the weekend includes traditional Irish music and modern trad/rock performances in Gaelic. The whole family will awe to the sound of pipes and drums accompanied by the lightning fast pace of dancing feet as multiple Dance Troupes of all ages amaze visitors with their skill and stamina.  We dare you to keep still!


The Gathering inspires cultural and community connections with special guests including authors, historians, artists, authors and of course, cooks! The event features a special children’s area; traditional refreshments, food and beverages for everyone to taste and savor; Interactive activities and exhibits, shopping, and a few surprises! Contests include Take Me to Ireland; Irish Road Bowling; Men with Kilts and Best of the Best Fiddlers.


Pack your kilt, gather your clan, and make your plans today! The festival opens on June 18 and runs through the weekend. More info:




Thursday Only: 17 and younger FREE, 18 and older $12.00


Friday – Sunday:  General Admission $15 advance; $20 at the gate  *  Senior (age 60+) $12 advance; $15 at the gate  *  Children (age 13-17) $10 advance; $12 at the gate * Children 12 and under enter free.


Firefighter/Military/Police with valid ID – $10.00 (purchase at gate only)


Entry for Take Me To Ireland Contest included with above cited tickets.


Friday Night Concert: $20 featuring: Trinity Irish Dancers at 7p  *  Seo Linn at 8:30p  * The Prodigals at 10:30p


Saturday Night Concert: $20 featuring: Trinity Irish Dancers at 7p  *  Seo Linn at 8:30p  *  Surprise guest at 10:30p


VIP PACKAGES NOW ON SALE! $360 all inclusive package for $250 includes (2) daily passes all four days, concert tickets (2) Fri and (2) Sat. FREE parking right on festival grounds all four days, (12) Free drink cards, (4) food cards, (2) 2015 Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering T-shirts, meet and greet bands!

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Live music

As Spring brightens and everything blooms with mother nature’s music – the river flowing, the birds chirping, the squirrels and chipmunks foraging – some of our favorite places are brightening and blooming with the return of live music and entertainment. Whether you sit back, relax and listen, sing out loud, or grab your instrument and get up on stage to join the jam or sing your heart out, the music is as fine as the flowers in springtime – fresh, colorful, and lots of fun!


Weekly on Wednesday, beginning May 6, 2015 at 9pm, entertain your heart out at Open “Mic” Night or weekly on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning May 1, 2015 at 9pm, exercise your inner rock star at Karaoke Nights. Both at Lonigans Irish Pub and Grill – 110 West Elkhorn Ave – Ph:  970 586 4346


Weekly on Thursday, beginning May 7, 2015, at 6pm, enjoy Ladies Night with The Mountain Town Rockers at Estes Park Resort located on Lake Estes with a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and a dining room menu that features locally grown and fresh ingredients.– 1700 Big Thompson Ave  – Ph:  970 577 6400!4331!3!52641050929!p!!g!!estes%20park%20resort&ef_id=VRll4AAAAUn2OQb7:20150330235945:s


Weekly on Friday, beginning May 1, 2015 at 6pm, enjoy your delicious meal at Twin Owls Steakhouse accompanied by James Davis playing Classical Guitar. Enjoy the cozy, comfortable and romantic atmosphere of this 1929 refurbished homestead. 800 MacGregor Ave – Ph: 970 586 9344


Weekly on Saturday nights, from 7p-10p, Mountain Town Trio rocks the house at the Historic Marys Lake Lodge Tavern and Brewery.  2625 Marys Lake Road – Ph: 970 586 5958


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They’re Back!

The first sure signs of spring include river run off that amplifies the wonderful Fall River lullaby, the return of migrating birds and a general warming and waking of plant and animal life. After a couple of weeks with somewhat limited sightings, we are delighted to once again welcome our wildlife visitors.


If you look up, you may get to marvel at the amazing sight of a Bald Headed Eagle soaring across the morning sky.  Frequently seen standing way up on top of the mountain ridges around Boulder Brook, seemingly looking out on eternity, the Big Horns are majestic even in their somewhat worn winter fur.  Groups of Ewes and babes forage on Fall River Road and frequently cross back and forth between the Nature Conservancy and Boulder Brook –They like the wonderful road salt and are often seen licking in the middle of the road or, after feeding,  napping on the steep slope of our neighbors’ hill.


The Bull Elk, down from on high, and looking bit raggedy in their molting winter fur and various stages of antler dropping, are cruising around town enjoying the freshly sprouted grasses and jostling one another as they socialize and play in the spring sunshine.  The Cows are on the move and can often be seen around Estes Lake and the area surrounding the Events Complex.  You may even get to enjoy ‘Elks on Parade’ as the Matriarchs guide their charges back and forth across Big Thompson Road around the Visitor Center.


The owls are mating and hooting. The Magpies and Jays are squawking.  The blue birds are amazing. The Mule deer, generally very shy, are quite active in small groups and are often seen in the most unexpected places in and around town. Remember – they don’t obey traffic signals!


And last but not least, our resident squirrels are running, leaping, jumping, and hopping as they frolic, dig up last year’s cone stash and picnic in the early spring sunshine.


Mother Nature calls to all – It’s Spring! Come out and play! The sky is blue, the air is cool and fresh, the fish are swimming in the river, and the sun is warm and gracious.  After your hike or climb or ride, relax on your riverside deck and enjoy the lullaby of Fall River. Nature calls. Your home away from home awaits your arrival. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Coyote Country during Mating Season

Coyotes are a common predator in the Estes Valley and it’s currently their mating season so they are very active – prowling, howling, hunting, and mating.


Coyotes are beautiful canines with thick, wheaten fur, slender snouts, stand-up ears, long tails, long legs, and delicately featured faces. Their thick neutrally colored fur blends easily with the surrounding terrain.   From a distance or with eyes of innocence, a Coyote could be mistaken for a large dog.


Coyotes are wild, cunning and stealthy predators. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds us that Coyotes see domesticated animals, pets and small children as prey.  Like our Elk, the Coyotes favor Estes Lake and the surrounding golf course and sanctuary areas.   When walking with dogs, especially smaller dogs and small children, visitors are encouraged to exercise caution – keep kids close and dogs short-leashed and under control especially at dawn and dusk when wildlife is most active.


Keep Little Ones Safe by supervising when outside. Keep your dog on a shorter leash (non-retractable); pick up your dog (if possible) when Coyotes are present or suspected in the area; avoid known or potential den sites and thick vegetation (where prowlers hide in waiting); and disallow contact, play or interaction with Coyotes. As a precaution, you may choose to carry a deterrent – sticks and stones, a walking stick, pepper spray – are all effective.


Remember: Coyotes will defend their territory.  Maintain a safe distance, and discourage approach and/or contact. If you suspect Coyote activity around you, keep your pet and your kids close to you or in your arms. Teach children to come directly to you without shrieking or screaming as they can sound like wounded prey and attract rather than repel the Coyote.


Never, ever feed Coyotes! They are resourceful and completely capable of feeding and sustaining themselves in the city without human assistance.


Should you be approached by Coyote:


Do not turn your back to or run! If possible to safely move to more populated areas without an encounter, gather up pets and kids and back away slowly.

If an encounter seems eminent make yourself as large and threatening, big and loud as possible by waving your arms, clapping, throwing objects, and/or shouting in an authoritative voice to chase it off.


Keep safe, enjoy the view, and remember – we all live together here and it’s up to us, the caretakers of nature, to ensure wellness and safety for everyone.

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Be My Valentine

Sweetheart dances, dining events, and opportunities for romance, play, relaxation, fun and enjoyment begin on Thursday, February 13, with two kinds of candy.  From 3p-6p, Aspen and Evergreen Gallery celebrates beauty, love and art at “Art, Wine & Chocolate” where guests will enjoy amazing eye candy while visiting with artists and sampling delicious Artisan Chocolate by Veree Chocolate. More info:  or call 970-586-4355.


Three fine choices for live music and romantic, casual dining (maybe even a little close-up dancing?) include the historic and cozy Twin Owls Steakhouse featuring a delicious and elegant menu and the classical guitar stylings of James Davis. Dinner is served between 5p and 9p. Please visit or Call 970-586-9344 to learn more about Twin Owls, review their menu, or to make your reservation.


Mountain Town Trio plays at Mary’s Lake Lodge from 6p-10p where you’ll find a good variety of pub style foods and an excellent section of microbrews. More info:  or call 970-586-5958.


For an intimate dining experience with excellent food, brews, and lots of mountain character, visit The Rock Inn.  Dinner is served from 4pm, and the “Alternate Valentine’s Day Party”  officially starts at 9pm with live music by James and the Devil.   On Friday night, enjoy acoustics by David Potter.  For more info, a comprehensive event schedule and a look at their delightful modern menu, please visit or call 970-586-4116.


In honor of President’s Day, entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is fee free from 8am on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14, through end of day, Monday, February 16.  Discover the amazing adaptations that allow animals to survive (and thrive) throughout the winter by attending “Animals In Winter” a free 20-30 minute Ranger Program at Beaver Meadows Visitor daily at 10:30am.  For more Park information please visit


After the educational program, join the Rangers for a Snowshoe Ecology Walk. Weather permitting, the family friendly, free, two-hour beginner level adventure is held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12:30p to 2:30p. No park entrance fee this weekend, but guests are required to be at least 8 years old and to supply their own equipment including poles with baskets.  Please call Beaver Meadows Visitor Center at 970-586-1223 between 8a and 4p daily to make required reservations seven (7) days or less prior to the desired program.  More info:


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some kind of chocolate or sweet treat —  How about a freshly baked Valentine’s day Cake or amazing Chocolate Covered Strawberries delivered to your suite, beautifully displayed, waiting for you when you arrive?  Please visit Estes Park Pie Shop, featuring from-scratch (really amazing and delicious pies, cakes, cookies, and food) at  or call 970-577-7437.


For a complete list of Valentine Weekend events and activities please visit Boulder Brook Event Calendar or call us – we’re happy to provide information and make dining or massage reservations. We also have an amazing florist – Roses anyone?


However you choose to play, when you return to your beautiful Suite at Boulder Brook, you’ll find the river rolling, singing sweetly as the first tangy scent of spring brightens the clean, crisp mountain air and welcomes you to your home away from home.


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